PDcjs consultant (referred to as the Partnership Consultant in this document) - Contract Terms and Conditions 2020.


The daily rate per consultant is £500 per day, £300 for a half day and

      £200 for a quarter day fee. Fees do not include:

  • 20% Tax
  • photocopying costs of course materials at 5p per single side of A4 – or we will provide you with top copies of materials so that you can do this in–house
  • Travel & Accommodation
  • Fees will not be subject to any further annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) rises. 

2.Delegate numbers

Up to 15 participants in a Learning & Development workshop.

3.Cancellation Charges

In the event of cancellation of all or part of the agreed work by Client, the Partnership Consultants operate a sliding scale of charges as follows:

Notice given (working days)

  Cancellation charge

(% of fees)











4.Client obligations:

The client is responsible for health and safety provision of its Staff attending the Partnership Consultants workshops, and will supply the Partnership Consultants with sufficient information to be able to reasonably respond to any situation that may arise at the work venue. The client will also:

  • Provide an initial project meeting with the lead Partnership Consultant to

 agree the client expectations, evaluation and reporting requirements  

 alongside success criteria for all work undertaken;

  • Be responsible for ensuring the safety of the participants present;
  • A minimum of seven days before the work date will provide the

 Partnership Consultant(s) with:

  • details of any training rooms, including maps and recommended transport routes;
  • a copy of any pre-meeting paperwork to individuals taking part;
  • a list / register of individuals names and roles.
  • Arrange accessible venues and meeting rooms;
  • Reproduce relevant participant's packs / notes / reports in sufficient

 quantities for the number of individuals taking part;

  • Provide refreshments where appropriate;
  • Make appropriate provision for disabled participants;
  • Notify the Partnership Consultants of any individuals with disabilities, and

 any reasonable adjustments required;

  • Forfeit the right to claim back for non-attendance in Project Meetings that

The CLIENT chooses not to attend.

5.The Partnership Consultant’s obligations:

The Partnership Consultant(s) will abide by the Client’s contracting Terms and Conditions for Suppliers and the client’s policies when delivering contracts. The Partnership Consultants will supply the client with:

  • A nominated lead person for contracted work and their contact details;
  • A minimum of seven days before the work date Partnership Consultants will provide the client with:

◊    a list of room arrangement requirements to assist the delivery of the

      sub-contracted work;

◊    a top copy of any other relevant materials for reproduction to start the

      sub-contracted work;

◊    technical requirements like powerpoint to assist the delivery of the sub-

      contracted work.

  • A summary evaluation and register returned signed within 48 hours
  • A general overview, without breaking confidentiality of how the training / consultancy work was received within 7 days of completing the work.


The nominated Partnership Consultant will charge for expenses in providing the agreed work, on the following basis: 

Rail travel

Standard class return


Car mileage

45p per mile



       The Partnership Consultant(s) will only be able to guarantee dates in the diary on

       receipt of a signed contract from officials representing the CLIENT at least 2 - 4

       weeks before the date upon which the agreed work starts.

8.Payment terms

The Partnership Consultants will invoice the CLIENT for payment of 50% of the contract at the start of the work and the remaining balance of 50% of the contract fee on completion of the work. Alternatively - we will agree a payment strategy suitable to the Partnership Consultancy and the CLIENT.

Invoices are payable within 28 days of the invoice date and exclusive of 20% Tax.

Our fees are increased by 5% annually. For clients wishing to pay by BACS, PDCJS Consultancy’s bank details are:

PDCJS Consultant

Bank: Barclays

Sort code:   ** – ** – **                                

Account:       ********                                               

9.Changes to contract

If factors emerge in the preparation, delivery or final stages of work that could in any way compromises the success of the contracted work commissioned, Partnership Consultant(s) will bring this to the attention of the CLIENT and Commissioner in the first instance. This may result in changes to the programme or ways of working with the Client which will be discussed and agreed with the commissioning agency.

PDCJS Consultancy are delighted to be engaged in contracting dialogue with all CLIENTS and committed to delivering outstanding training & consultancy services to a standard that accords with domestic and international quality assurance frameworks.

PDSCS Consultancy are also aware that sometimes with new contracting arrangements there are 'teething problems' or unintended consequences. We will therefore extend 'good will' to make this new contracting relationship work, and will expect the same good will from the CLIENTS. We do however, reserve the right to provide CLIENTS with one month's notice of termination of contract should we deem it necessary.


Hiscox Insurers provide a commercial insurance portfolio to Professional & Diligent Criminal Justice Consultancy relating to lossess or cliams arising from Professional Indemnity, Public and Products Liability and Crisis Containment. A certification of insurance can be made available to all clients.


Paul Darby, Dip SW., Dip PLM

CO & Director of PDCJS Consultancy  

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t: 07879655877                                            


Written by Paul Darby

Updated 01 June 2020


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