Increasing Efficiency of Auxiliary Staff in Judicial Services and Quality of Training 2018-2020

Beneficiary Administration: Turkish Ministry of Justice - Financed by the instrument for Pre-accession Assistance II (IPA II) administered by the European Union and Turkey Ministry of Justice Directorate General for European Affairs 2018/2019/2020


Picture 1: 

Rize Turkish Ministry of Justice National Training Academy Workshop February 2019. Delegates took part in planning the design and delivery of learning and development modules for auxiliary personnel in 5 nominated pilot courts.

Picture 2:

A photo call of Turkish Ministry of Justice and UK Member State experts in Rize attending a workshop at the National Training Academy on the Southern Coast of the Black Sea in February 2019.

Picture 3:

A group photograph taken of a second workshop hosted by the Turkish Ministry of Justice in Istanbul Caglayan Adalet Sarayi (Justice Palace) in April 2019. A total of 20 Court Auxiliary Personnel participated in a multi-discipline peer review of draft job descriptions and person specifications for Chief Clerks, Clerks, Ushers Social Workers, Psychologists and Court Report Writers with expertise in Child/Adolescent development and educational attainment.

Picture 4:

Samsun Adalet Sarayi (Justice Palace) in December 2018. The Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor offers a warm greeting after concluding a successful week long study visit of interviews and workflow surveys with court auxiliary personnel.

Picture 5:

Rize Turkish Ministry of Justice National Training Academy Workshop February 2019. Delegates took part in action-learning to help coordinated development areas for auxiliary personnel that have high impact upon the performance of staff and service delivery for citizens and court users.

Picture 6:

A photograph taken after a 5-day study visit to Samsun Adalet Sarayi (Justice Palace) in December 2018. Those present were: Salih Baspinar, Beneficiary Country Component Leader (far right), the Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor, Joy Coles, Member State Short Term Expert and me, Member State Component Leader (far left).

Picture 7:

A reflective period at the Turkish Ministry of Justice, Ankara July 2018 with Director General of EU Affairs, Gokhan Sertoz (centre), Salih Baspinar, Head of State Department Personnel Retirement Services (right) and me (far left).

Antalya Court House personnel and performance evaluation pioneers

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