‘PDCJS Consultancy Business Charter 2020 – 2021’


  • Specialist in working within the Criminal Justice System, Voluntary Community Services and with public-private sector organisations;
  • Specialist in improving whole system design and service delivery for vulnerable groups and those subject to law enforcement services;
  • Specialist in employment representation of diverse staff groups, whilst working collaboratively with employers;
  • Specialist in international bi-lateral project management services, training symposiums and higher education learning seminars

I specialise in delivering:

bespoke and diligent consultancy services that provide organisations and higher education partners with a universal standard of excellence in training and action learning seminars for Criminal Justice services and expertise in applied social sciences’

My partners and I believe in a brand which is 'professional and diligent' that can be translated into:

  • prioritising customer relations and staff to deliver auditable integrated services
  • the development of ‘best in class’ organisational change, processes and outcomes
  • evidence based knowledge, ethics, common sense, quality standards, kite marketing and legal compliance
  • developing the Public-Sector Duties enshrined in UK domestic law
  • Planning for markets and consumer choices in a post Brexit UK 31 March 2019

A senior consultants will work with you to undertake your needs analysis, understand your people and work culture and design leading edge training programmes that enhance service delivery, distinguishing your staff and manager's apart from your competitors.

A senior consultant specialises in capacity building your staff and managers to meet and exceed expectations.  If your people are your key resource, then good business is delivering outstanding learning & development programmes.

A senior consultant understands what happens to individuals and groups at work. We can translate this knowledge and experience into leading edge programmes that not only make the working environment more effective but harmonise the working practices of teams and staff to deliver excellent services.

A senior consultant will work to provide structural solutions rather than individual responses, so the emphasis is on how organisations and businesses ensure that their policies, procedures and the working culture become standard bearers for equality and fairness.

PDCJS consultancy understand the differing impacts that our 'protected characteristics' such as  our age, disability, gender, ethnicity / colour, religion, sexuality, transgender, partnerships, paternity and class can have on our positions at work, or on the services we deliver. Our work focuses on auditable outputs, impacts, outcomes and results to drive up service user satisfaction rates whilst driving down complaints.

PDCJS Consultancy is a training & consultancy that specialises in delivering cost effective and value for money services that wants your organisation to really excel.

Paul Darby – Owner and Director has worked in the Civil and Criminal Justice Services for over 28 years. In 2002 Paul was promoted to the position Senior Probation Officer and graduated in 2004 from Warwick University with a Higher Education Diploma in Public Leadership and Management.  In 2007 Paul became a senior manager and led an internal ‘Best Value Review’ into the delivery of Unpaid Work schemes in Staffordshire. The results of this work produced an annual budget saving of £125k within one fiscal year. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 Paul completed international criminal justice assignments in Germany, Estonia, Croatia and in the Turkish Republic with the UK Ministry of Justice. This work involved action learning seminars on the rule of law and restorative approaches plus bi-lateral training and consultancy on mediation and judicial reforms. Paul’s and his consultants also managed the Veterans in the Criminal Justice conference hosted by Tottenham Hotspur in June 2014 (see publications at www.pdcjsconsultant.co.uk

Stela Murrizi – International Research Consultant is a graduate from the Master of Arts Criminology program of the University of Ottawa.  Stela has recently been the lead research assistant of the evidence team on a collaborative study with the Canadian National Municipal Network on Crime Prevention. The goal of the research team was to produce a series of four independent and evidence-based action briefs encouraging participating municipalities to develop policies and programmes by adopting comprehensive community safety strategies. Other research initiatives included the eQuality project (currently), the eGirls project (2014), and a project examining issues of security, space and homelessness (2013). Stela’s Master’s thesis was completed using a mixed methods approach, combining a quantitative content analysis of media sources with a qualitative thematic analysis of media coverage, public perception, and the resulting policy implications. The results revealed that the way in which social problems are reported by the dominant media-cultures has a resulting effect on the types of information and services that become available to victims of crime. This study incorporated tools and concepts from the fields of sociology, criminology, media studies, and women’s studies and illustrates the substantial appeal of using interdisciplinary research to gain a holistic understanding of social problems. Stela believes that these experiences keep her grounded and connected to the communities which she endeavours to serve.

PDCJS Consultancy bring to the work an understanding within an international and domestic context of the sociology, psychological, neurological and empirical nature of staff development and organisational learning.

 PDCJS Consultancy provide services in:

  1. Organisational Learning & Development:
  • Designing and delivering bespoke training to managers to better understand the role of organisational culture and the critical interface with partnerships, stakeholders and customers;
  • Coaching HR and Personnel professionals in roles of key decision making to remove unconscious discrimination in the recruitment & selection process;
  • Writing Person Specifications and Job Descriptions that help measure staff performance whilst discharging organisational Equality Act 2010 duties;
  • Designing and delivering 'succeeding in the recruitment process' programmes for staff and managers;
  • Coaching managers and staff to complete with Job ready CVs and Application Forms,
  1. Management Services:
  • Delivering induction programmes with a difference that prioritises people and sets the working culture apart from competitors;
  • training Frontline staff / Operatives to mainstream equalities and deliver excellent frontline services;
  • Delivering team building programmes with a difference;
  • Designing ILM Coaching and Mentoring programmes to build the capacity of staff and managers;
  1. Project Management and Event Symposiums:
  • Training senior leaders in Professional Leadership skills in Equalities & Diversity;
  • Coaching management teams to deliver Professional Leadership in Equalities;
  • Training team leaders to lead, manage and develop the workforce;
  • Deliver competence based management training;

  • Designing and delivering Management Modules on the ILM level 5 Leadership & Management programme (A new enterprise in 2019);
  • Training managers to build diverse teams;

  • Designing & delivering team building programmes with emphasis on resilience and improving morale;
  • Coaching managers to recognise and eradicate different forms of inequality, including institutional bias;
  • Train internal investigators to use an evidence-based approach to investigate and eradicate harassment and bullying at work;
  1. Mediation and Restorative Service Development:
  • Undertake audits to check the Best Value expectations on your service;
  • Checks on standards, kite-marks and legal compliance;
  • Delivering programmes that manage Diversity and Needs by recognising the human interface between staff and service users who both think, act and behave' to deliver or acquire effective service delivery;
  • Building programmes that change behaviours through Restorative Approaches;
  • Design and facilitate work based mediation programmes that support employment assistance and reduce sickness absence rates;
  • Consultancy and training to integrate restorative practices that embrace the Equality Standard / Equality Analysis process;
  • Building the capacity to drive up efficiency and savings on costs through programmes that combine Innovation, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  1. Rapid Action Research:
  • Investigations into the impact of life events and the early sign posting to HMCTS Public Health Liaison and Diversion schemes commissioned by Gloucestershire PCC
  • Patient Survey Analysis of NHS GP practices of the needs of people with lifestyle, relationships, emotional well-being and substance misuse problems commissioned by Compass Foundation Community Interest Company;
  • Victim Group Work programme consultation with West Midlands Victim Support, Oxfordshire Youth Offending Service, Restorative Solutions and work undertaken by the Department of Justice Canada
  1. International b-lateral seminars
  • 8 March 2012 – Lecture on Commissioning and Delivery of Restorative Justice Interventions to Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Justice and Bewahrungshilfe at Kiel University of Applied Sciences
  • 2 May 2012 – Lecture on Commissioning and Delivery of Restorative Justice Interventions in England and Wales: Science, Actors and Institutions at International Post Graduate Course on Victimology, Victim Assistance and Criminal Justice, Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik
  • 16 June 2012 – Making Justice Systems More Restorative: Article commissioned by Council for Probation in Europe
  • 23 – 27 July 2012 Placement organiser and overseer of study visits by Bewahrungshilfe (Probation Department) officer to Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust
  • 10.2012 – 28.10.2012 – Seminar lecture on Life Worlds of Minorities and Prison to students undertaking Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work at Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
  • 29 – 30 April 2013 – Study Visit of the Delegation of the Ministry of Justice of the UK to the Turkish Ministry of Justice Directorate General for European Union Affairs, presenting work to the host Judiciary on Restorative Justice Schemes
  • 12 – 25 May 2014 30th Anniversary Course XXX. International Post Graduate Course on Victimology, Victim Assistance and Criminal Justice presenting work member on Justice Restored – Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • 7 – 8 December 2014 Project Manager, Coordinator and Host of Intake Study Visit for Government Officials from the Turkish Ministry of Justice, commissioned by UK Ministry of Justice International Projects Directorate. Studies involved presentations by Divisional Probation Head of Public Protection, Senior Judge, Crown Prosecution Service Barristers, Court Manager, Witness Support Service personal, Police Family Liaison Support
  • May 2018 – current – “Increasing Efficiency of Auxiliary Staff in Judicial Services and Quality of Trainings” Component Leader for SCJS (Mandated GB) – Financed by the instrument for Pre-accession Assistance II (IPA II) administered by the European Union and Turkey Ministry of Justice Directorate General for European Union Affairs

PDCJS Consultancy’s principal work involves working with public sector organisations across the UK. The work in the criminal justice sectors involves Integrated Offender Management services with Greater Manchester Police, Rochdale Adult Safeguarding Borough wide partnership audits along with National Probation Service North West Division providing management consultancy and case management for high risk and vulnerable service users.

Training has also been delivered to seminars on the management of Organised Crime at the public policy exchange in London, UK.

The senior consultant has also delivered work in partnership with the West Midlands police utilising Out of Court Disposals and Education Services in the development of Restorative curriculums. Testimonials are available on request.

PDCJS Consultancy prides itself on designing bespoke programmes delivered professionally and diligently to your organisation or company's Learning & Development needs.

Contact details are:

Paul Darby – Company Owner and Director

Email: info@PDCJSconsultant.co.uk

Website: www.pdcjsconsultant.co.uk

Tele:   +44(0)7879815462


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