PD CJS Consultancy is a service organisation owned and directed by me Paul Darby, Dip PLM.

I have worked in the Criminal Justice and Health Sectors for over 28 years. The majority of this work has been undertaken in the Prisons, Courts and Probation Services. In 2007 I was  promoted to a senior manager’s position in the Probation services in Stoke on Trent. During this assignment I supervised and managed senior probation officers and held functional responsibility for several Offender Management Teams, Community Services, Programmes and Employment, Training and Education for people living in Stoke on Trent who were subject to community sentences and those released from prison with conditions on licence.

In 2010 I became a regional committee member of Rethink Mental Illness and in 2012 held the position as Chair of the West Midlands Committee. Along with my team of regional committee members we steered Rethink Mental Illness to win a national award for an innovating service in Stoke on Trent for Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT). 

In 2012 I was also appointed by the Ministry of Justice International Projects Directorate as a Senior Projects Manager. Since then I have carried out international teaching and research assignments in Germany, Estonia, Croatia, Spain and the Republic of Turkey. I have also held UK company directorships in 2014 and 2015 with the respective organisations of B&D Justice Consultants and latterly Compass Foundation Community Interest Company (CIC) launching the out of courts disposal programme ‘Changing the Codes’ with the West Midlands Police .

In 2014 I was accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management City of Guilds for Development of Mentoring Skills for the Workplace. I went on to support the learning and development of court managers and a statistician working for the Canadian Government.

Since October 2015 l have continued to work in the Criminal Justice Sector as an independent consultant providing services to Greater Manchester Police’s Integrated Offender Management Teams, Adult Safe Guarding & Quality Assurance Inspections plus Management support to Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Approved Premises Estate in the North West of England. During 2018 I joined a team of Court staff advising Judges and Magistrates on sentencing following HMCTS Transforming Summary Justice Programme.  I  now work as a short- term intermittent expert and component leader on a UK  twinning programme funded by the European Union and the Turkish Republic Ministry of Justice. This continues to be an exciting programme of work; fusing international project management expertise with requirements to promote and maintain cultural competence and diplomacy.

Please feel free to contact my consultancy to discuss how best to deliver professional and diligent solutions to bring sustainable solutions for people or businesses devoted to justice. 

Our Ethos

My partners and I believe in brand of being professional and diligent can be translated into:

  • Prioritising customer relations and staff to deliver auditable integrated services
  • The development of ‘best in class’ organisational change, processes and outcomes
  • Evidence based knowledge, ethics, common sense, quality standards, kite marketing and both domestic an dinternational legal compliance
  • Developing the Public-Sector Duties enshrined in UK domestic law
  • Planning for markets and consumer choices in a post Brexit UK 29 March 2019


PDCJS Consultancy do not approach their field of expertise similar to the conventional bodies that match people with generic services. PDCJS Consultancy take an holistic approach following a critical evidence based assessment of needs and risk - alongside the organisation’s capacity to deliver the treatment or provision that results in a positive and sustainable change to people’s lives.

Paul Darby
Paul DarbyCriminal Justice Management Consultantinfo@pdcjsconsultant.co.uk


Paul Darby – Owner and Director has worked in the Civil and Criminal Justice Services for over 28 years. In 2002 Paul was promoted to the position Senior Probation Officer and graduated in 2004 from Warwick University with a Higher Education Diploma in Public Leadership and Management.  In 2007 Paul became a senior manager and led an internal ‘Best Value Review’ into the delivery of Unpaid Work schemes in Staffordshire. The results of this work produced an annual budget saving of £125k within one fiscal year. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 Paul completed international criminal justice assignments in Germany, Estonia, Croatia and in the Turkish Republic with the UK Ministry of Justice. This work involved action learning seminars on the rule of law and restorative approaches plus bi-lateral training and consultancy on mediation and judicial reforms. Paul’s and his consultants also managed the Veterans in the Criminal Justice conference hosted by Tottenham Hotspur in June 2014 

Stela Murrizi
Stela MurriziInternational Criminology Researcherstela.murrizi@pdcjsconsultant.co.uk


Stela Murrizi – International Research Consultant is currently working as a policy analyst within the department of Employment and Social Development Canada. Here she is able to marry her love of telling the story of research with policy implementation. Understanding and contextualizing social research findings is a passion for her. In her previous roles, Stela has had the opportunity to analyse both qualitative and quantitative data and produce evidence-based recommendations to drive policy implementation. After graduating from the Master of Arts Criminology program of the University of Ottawa, Stela has worked on numerous projects concerning impact of trauma, crime prevention, and impact evaluations within Statistics Canada, the University of Ottawa, the Canadian Municipal Network on Crime Prevention, as well as B&D Justice Consultants. Stela’s own Master’s thesis sought to understand how reporting of social problems contextualizes the types of information and services that become available to those who require them. By applying a wide interdisciplinary lens to her research, Stela seeks to gain a holistic understanding of social problems and our proposed solutions to them.  


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